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황동수 교수님 Lab. 신예린 학생, 제 23회 한국키틴키토산학회 학술대회 최우수 구두발표상 수상 글자 확대 글자 축소
  글쓴이 : posti  (141.♡.149.154) 날짜: 13-07-18 11:34 조회: 3520

  환경공학부 신예린 학생이 제 23회 한국키틴키토산학회 학술대회에서 최우수 구두발표상을 수상하였습니다. 한국키틴키토산학회는 키틴/키토산관련 연구자들이 모여 여러 교수님들의 세미나, 대학원생 구두발표와 포스터 발표를 하는 자리로 지난 7월 11-12일 동안 경북대학교 글로벌플라자 1층에서 개최되었습니다. 아래는 발표 초록입니다.

   석사과정 신예린 학생


Many marine invertebrates utilize biomacromolecules as building blocks to form their load-bearing tissues. These polymeric tissues are appealing because of their unusual physical and mechanical properties, including high hardness and stiffness, toughness, and low density. Here, the marine hydroid perisarc of Aglaophenia latirostris was investigated to understand how nature designs a stiff, tough and lightweight sheathing structure. Chitin, protein, and melanin-like pigment, were found to represent 10, 17 and 60 wt% of the perisarc, respectively. Interestingly, similar to the adhesive coating of marine mussel byssus, a DOPA (3, 4 - dihydroxyphenylalanine) containing protein and iron were detected in the perisarc. Resonance Raman Microscopy analysis of the perisarc indicates the presence of DOPA-iron (III) complexes in situ, but it remains to be determined whether the DOPA-iron(III) interaction plays a cohesive role in holding the protein, chitin and melanin networks together.